Statement DSGC: Combatting Climate Change through business action


Urgent action via global approach is necessary

The Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition (DSGC) acknowledges and supports the wake-up call from scientists, policy makers and think tanks about the urgent need for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to avoid irreversible climate change and the forecast disastrous effects on society, the economy and nature. The DSGC acknowledges the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report - Climate Change 2013 and the Action 2020 Executive Brief on Climate Change from the WBCSD, Stockholm Resilience Centre and Stockholm University.

Climate change is, by definition, a global issue. Since the Kyoto Protocol was established in 1997, emissions of greenhouse gases have increased by 50% and have spread over the entire world. Effective action is required across the globe, since no country or continent can do it alone. DSGC companies see it as their responsibility to act individually, to engage and stimulate other business leaders and companies to act accordingly. The private sector will play a decisive role in tackling climate change through innovations and sustainable business. A true transformation will need strong leadership from governments all over the world.

The DSGC companies pledge:

  • to take responsibility for helping develop innovations and new technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly
  • to take action to voluntarily reduce their environmental footprint and reduce CO2 emissions
  • to support government action to set the "context and rules" via a global agreement on climate change
  • to advocate for the acceleration of the transition to a more sustainable economy.

The DSGC companies have a strong desire to be frontrunners in this respect. The DSGC companies look to governments to deliver:

  • a global, effective carbon market as a primary driver for sustainable innovation, efficiency improvement and greenhouse gas reduction all over the world;
  • a carbon market that results into a global, effective and meaningful carbon price; and
  • a global climate change agreement which facilitates and supports global market mechanisms as much as possible.

The DSCG companies look forward to working in partnership with governments and other interested stakeholders to bring about these necessary conditions for success.

About the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition
The DSGC was launched in January 2012 as a business response to the global challenges that society is facing in economic, societal and environmental terms.

DSGC companies are convinced that they can play an important role through innovative solutions, in their operations, products and services. This will not be achieved in isolation, but through collaboration along the value chains with other businesses, and via public-private partnerships.

DSGC companies take responsibility in contributing to the necessary transformation towards a more sustainable society.

DSGC companies operate via sustainable business models in numerous product chains all over the world. These will help strengthen their competitive position, while having a positive impact on the quality of life, on the environment and on social progress.

This is the route to realize sustainable economic growth and a more circular economy. Innovation and sustainable development have become important business drivers and are powerful tools for combatting climate change.

Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition members include:
Jan Peter Balkenende, Chair of the DSGC
Ben van Beurden CEO of Shell
Jean-François van Boxmeer, CEO of Heineken
Ton Büchner, CEO of AkzoNobel
Camiel Eurlings, CEO of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Cees ‘t Hart, CEO of FrieslandCampina
Frans van Houten, CEO of Royal Philips
Marcel van Loo, CEO of EY Netherlands
Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever
Feike Sijbesma, CEO of Royal DSM
Hans de Boer, Chairman of VNO-NCW, the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers

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