BusinessEurope: Artificial Intelligence recommendations


Key messages:

  • The potential to derive the benefits AI technologies offer will rely on the ability for companies to: research, test, acquire a skilled workforce, exist in a vibrant data economy, have appropriate infrastructure to build upon and a beneficial framework to exist within.
  • AI is a collection of technologies and not a policy area itself. It is already regulated in several policy areas. Europe should apply this existing framework first in a manner that aids innovation whilst taking society with it.
  • The heterogenous nature of AI and its applications means a one-size-fits-all framework would be problematic or risk stifling opportunities. The approach taken must also be technically robust.
  • Trustworthy AI can only be delivered if applicable legal frameworks are coherent and true to European values.
  • AI applications are data intensive and will need top quality, stable, secure and robust infrastructure to exist upon.
  • As AI filters into our society and its various technologies come closer to citizens the need for security will grow.
  • AI technologies have appropriate legally certain liability frameworks to exist within.
  • Data is crucial for deep learning in support of AI and innovative opportunities.
  • A highly educated and entrepreneurial workforce is required to promote growth and use of AI in Europe.
  • Research and investment in AI will ensure its success. The Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) should be concluded as soon as possible and view the €9.2 billion for the Digital Europe programme as the low water mark.